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“Supreme Justice”

Phillip Margolin legak thriller

February 3, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI, Books Writer

"Supreme Justice" is the latest legal thriller by author Phillip Margolin. (Harper Books/HarperCollins Publisher, 362 pages)

The plot centers around a convicted policewoman, Sara Woodruff, who is on death row for having murdered her former lover. When her defense team alleges that potentially exculpatory evidence was withheld because of national security claims, her case is appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

Brad Miller, clerk for Justice Felicia Moss, uncovers a deadly plot to stonewall Woodruff's petition. The Woodruff case has attracted a great deal of unexpected interest from people with ties to the law firm of Rankin Lusk which employs Dennis Masterson, former head of the CIA.

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When Justice Moss is attacked, Miller is compelled to call upon his friend, private investigator Dana Cutler, to find out what deadly secrets the Woodruff case might reveal such that the intelligence community would attempt assassinating a Supreme Court Justice to avoid public exposure.

Margolin has written a taught drama which delivers an ending with a tantalizing twist and is peppered with interesting details concerning the nation's highest court.

The author fills the book with interesting details foiled with wonderful details concerning the nation's highest court. "Supreme Justice" is supremely entertaining.



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