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“Death Echo”

Fast-paced adventure from Elizabeth Lowell

February 3, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI, Books Writer

Elizabeth Lowell has another fast-paced adventure featuring the ultra-secret security consulting firm, St. Kilda, "Death Echo." (Avon Books/HarperCollins Publishing, 423 pages)

Ex-CIA agent turned St. Kilda agent, Emma Cross, teams up with Mac Durand, former special ops soldier and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, to track a yacht - the Blackbird - thought to be carrying a deadly payload that could annihilate an American city. The duo have only a week to thwart the attack.

While not quite as enjoyable as her earlier novel, "Blue Smoke and Murder,"

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"Death Echo" will appeal to those who enjoy a touch of red-hot romance with high adventure. The author's description of Emma Cross as she whips up a homemade Geiger counter will thrill fans of the old MacGyver series.

Lowell's wry observations on such disparate subjects as global politics and child raising are sharp as revealed in the tender relationship between the director of St. Kilda's and his wife and the challenges they face raising their demanding little brood consisting of a precocious computer hacker and nursing infant, all while trying to avert a global catastrophe.

Truly, this is the ultimate power couple!

"Death Echo" will resonate to those who miss the Cold War spy thrillers.



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