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A River In The Sky

Archaeologists find espionage

May 16, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

Elizabeth Peters' beloved pair of archaeologists, Professor Emerson and his wife, Amelia Peabody, are digging up espionage in the Holy Land in "A River in the Sky." (Harper Books/HarperCollins, 374 pages)

Set In the years just preceding the Great War, the couple are asked to join an expedition in the Holy Land to search for the Ark of the Covenant. The Ottoman Turks seek to retain control of Palestine, while both the British and German governments are waiting in the wings to exert their influence in this politically unstable land.

Emerson and Peabody manage to uncover a great deal of political intrigue (and a murder) as they seek to rescue their beloved son, Ramses, from kidnappers and struggle to prevent an archaeological fraud that could determine the political fate of the Holy Land.

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Elizabeth Peters' Professor Emerson and Amelia Peabody stories are always entertaining and informative. The ongoing dialogue between Emerson and his wife pertaining to the accuracy of Scripture is fascinating and reflects a wide range of debates within biblical exegesis.

While Emerson holds the position that dismisses Scripture as a collection of myths, devoid of historical accuracy; Peabody voices a more tolerant view, accepting the texts as primarily spiritual meditations, though recognizing that they do contain snippets of details which would conform to our contemporary sense of history.

"A River in the Sky" is another worthy chapter in the annals of Professor Emerson and Amelia Peabody.



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