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The Devil Colony

Scientific thriller from James Rollins

June 23, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

When it comes to writing scientific thrillers with an intriguing mix of history,

novelist James Rollins delivers great stories.

His latest work, "The Devil Colony" (William Morrow Publisher, 480), is a fast-paced adventure featuring the ultra-secret Sigma Force in a desperate effort to save America from annihilation as they square off against the secret terrorist organization known as the Guild.

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The author starts with the premise of a literal interpretation of the Book of Mormon which suggests that two of the lost tribes of Israel actually made it to the American West.

In support of this theory, linguists have found surprising correlations between certain Western Native American dialects and ancient Hebrew.

But what if these ancient tribes had harnessed the power of nanotechnology, manipulating matter at its smallest level?

Had ancient man mastered nanotechnology?

Rollins cites examples of such technology being present in the Medieval world in the very sharp and strong steel of Damascus and stained glass of cathedrals.

Could the legends of the alchemist be more than mere fables?

But matter at its smallest, nano, level can be most unpredictable and dangerous. If the ancients had harnessed such technology it is possible that they were playing with something far more destructive than dynamite; a power that could literally cause a volcanic eruption.

To add to the mystery, the author proposes the intriguing (and historically valid) hypothesis that the Iroquois confederation is the true template for the American Republic and its founding documents.

Rollins ponders whether Thomas Jefferson might have proposed a fourteenth colony to our nation's thirteen; one that would have been reserved for the Native Americans and would have preserved their sacred and awesome technology.

The Sigma Force team is on a hair-raising mission to find the so-called fourteenth or "Devil Colony" and prevent the destruction of the United States.

Rollins does a splendid job of blending high-tech tidbits with the mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson's penchant for ciphers and espionage and Native American lore.

"The Devil Colony" is a diabolically clever plot which entertains and stimulates the imagination.



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