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In Search of the Rose Notes

Thriller from Emily Arsenault

July 20, 2011
The Daily News

"In Search of the Rose Notes" is the latest thriller by Emily Arsenault. (William Morrow, 369 pages, July 26)

Ms. Arsenault's book tells the story of Nora and Charlotte, two young women who vow to find what happened to their babysitter, Rose, who disappeared after walking young Nora home one evening years ago.

While the friends have grown up and moved on with their lives, they are still haunted by the death of their babysitter.

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Charlotte's determination to solve the mystery borders on the obsessive, though the matter has taken an even bigger toll on Nora.

As she struggled with the usual troubles of adolescence, she bore the dreadful burden that she was the last person to see Rose alive, a secret which drove Nora to the pits of despair and a half-hearted suicide attempt.

The girls' quest to uncover what became of Rose results in a revelation of some very unsavory secrets of their childhood friends.

"In Search of the Rose Notes" blends mystery with a heavy dose of teenage angst against a backdrop of that all too familiar teenage tragedy - a devastating car accident.



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