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Matthew Dunn introduces 'Spartan'

August 3, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

The days of thrilling espionage fiction did not end with Ian Fleming and his iconic agent .007. Matthew Dunn, a former field officer for British intelligence (MI6) with some seventy missions to his credit, has penned a critically acclaimed novel, "Spycatcher." (William Morrow, 418 pages, Aug. 9 release)

The reader may be tempted to compare his protagonist, Will Cochrane, with Ian Fleming's legendary agent, James Bond.

Cochrane is more than an agent "licensed to kill" - he is the elite killing machine, dubbed the "Spartan."

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Though every bit as dapper as Mr. Bond, he does not face off against a comparatively mild-mannered megalomaniac such as Auric Goldfinger. Will Cochrane's nemesis, an elite Iranian assassin, would wipe out the old commodity hoarder quicker than one could say "Moneypenny."

And unlike the debonaire James Bond who wooed the aloof Miss Galore (and many others), Will is not a ladies' man.

The story begins in New York's Central Park where the Spartan has had a disastrous mission as he failed to protect an Iranian spying for the British from an Iranian hit squad.

While recovering from wounds sustained in the attack, Cochrane learns from his American counterpart in the CIA that the Iranian master spy, nicknamed Meggido for the Biblical site of Armaggedon, is planning an attack to surpass the September 11th tragedy, one on such a scale that "the strike against us will be massive, and the great or the little will be victims."

Cochrane embarks on an exciting chase to find the elusive terrorist Meggido and stop his attack.

Matthew Dunn assures his reader that the end of the Cold War did not spell the end of international intrigue.

Matthew Dunn's "Spycatcher" brings us an agent for today's world who squares off against the terrorists from the all too real rogue regimes who threaten the world on an apocalyptic scale.



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