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Remember those days

September 10, 2011
The Daily News

Remember the days right after Sept. 11, 10 years ago?

Do you remember how people came together and joined hands for a common goal? Do you remember the increase in volunteerism, smiles of greetings between folks and common courtesies extended back and forth?

Do you remember how Americans flocked to churches again and grasped hold of that old rugged cross for renewed meaning and purpose?

And oh, how magnificently Old Glory was displayed. From front porches to football stadiums the red, white and blue was being flown everywhere. American flags could be seen in every direction and at public events, people actually removed their hats and sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Folks, we need to remember those days. We need to return to those days. We need a revival in this country. We need a spiritual revival most certainly, but just as essential is an economic revival, a political revival and a social revival.

Our founding fathers never intended to have bitterness and animosity be such a part of the national landscape where citizens would throw pies in the face of elected officials, interrupt with vulgarities an official's speech or threaten an official with death because they differed in their political opinions.

We can agree to disagree, but we need to do so with respect. Enough of this name calling. Enough of this hiding behind anonymous postings on the Internet or talk radio rants of unseen voices. If you have something to say to us, by all means do so, but put your name to it. If you're going to "talk the talk," then you had better be man enough to "walk the walk" as well.

Who cares whether we are Democrat, Republican or Tea Party members. What matters ultimately is that we are Americans.

We need to return to our roots. We need to remember civility, common courtesy and good manners. We need to remember respect.

As we begin this 10-year anniversary weekend, let us not forget the weeks right after 9-11-01. Fly your flag this weekend. Do a good deed for a neighbor. Smile when you pass someone on the street. Pray for our local, state and national leaders.

Change, for the better, can begin with you. Pass it on.

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