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Kill Bin Laden

Novel resonates with credibility

November 7, 2011
The Daily News

John Weisman has written a riveting novel of the most daring military raid in recent times, as he chronicles the mission to take out the most notorious terrorist, "KBL: Kill Bin Laden." (William Morrow, 300 pages)

With keen insight into both the tactical and political measures at stake in this momentous strike, Weisman has penned an account that, though technically a work of fiction, resonates with credibility.

While assault team characters are fictional, the author gives an interesting description of the demanding physical and psychological training of these anonymous heroes who carried out this daring mission; such as the Seal team members who practiced controlled "free falls" from helicopters while carrying 50 pounds of gear.

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Moreover, it is reasonable to assume that there must have been at least one street savvy man on the ground who could "go native" and provide reconnaissance of the infamous compound in Abbottabad that sheltered the world's most wanted terrorist.

The reader may have to be reminded that it is a novel, with the "professional" Secretary of State Kate Semerad and "that idiot Vice President, a man who never engaged his brain before he put his mouth in gear."

While this reviewer chuckled as the author blasted the idiotic recruiting slogan "An Army of One," one may cringe as he described former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's naive notion that war could be fought "on the cheap."

Mr. Weisman is at his most eloquent in his powerful dedication of this books which merits reprinting and reads, in part:

"To the Warriors Past, Present & Future,

Both in and out of uniform,

Who let us sleep safe in our beds;

To all those Warriors, covert, overt, and K-9 too, who have

paid the ultimate price

To protect our Constitution and our Liberty"

John Weisman's "KBL: Kill Bin Laden" is on sale Nov. 15th, 2011.



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