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Cat Coming Home

Shirley Rousseau Murphy's crime fighters in action

December 13, 2011
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

Shirley Rousseau Murphy's crime fighting cats are back protecting their small coastal village, Molena Point, in their latest story, "Cat Coming Home." (HarperCollins/ Harper Books/Avon Mysteries, 371 pages)

Maudie Toola has fled Los Angeles to her hometown of Molena Point with her grandson, Benny, who was orphaned in a brutal drive by shooting which left his father and stepmother killed and Maudie wounded.

But the idyllic village of her childhood is being plagued by a series of bizarre break-ins targeting single and elderly women.

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An aggressive local press is using the crime spree to target the cats' personal friend, police chief Max Harper.

But no criminal can escape the keen eyes of Ms. Rousseau Murphy's intrepid cat detectives, Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit who are joined by an elderly tom cat who is having his own homecoming.

The "cat pack" is on the patrol to protect the vulnerable orphan, Benny, and bring a dose of Christmas cheer and restore peace on earth to their lovely hometown.

In this special Harper (Avon mysteries) paperback edition, there is a sneak peak at the cats' next adventure, "Cat Telling Tales." The prolific and talented Shirley Rousseau Murphy, whose feline tales have earned her nine Cat Writers' Association novel of the year awards, writes a very whimsical feline mystery with her "talking" cats.

While these stories are bit fantastic for the hard-boiled mystery fan, they remind her readers of a fundamental truth - that our four-legged friends are worthy of our love, respect and protection.

As for the cat conversations, doesn't every pet owner believe that his friend speaks to him, especially when the food bowl is empty?

This reviewer would like to implore her readers that if they have room in their homes and hearts, they may find that there is no greater addition to the "human" family than a shelter pet.



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