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It’s time to be a parent

March 5, 2012
The Daily News

Do you know where your children are?

Do you know what kind of day they had today?

March is Parenting Awareness Month - a good time to start spending more time with your children.

Survey after survey shows that when asked to list the top things they want the most, children consistently rate more time with their parents as their No. 1 choice.

Too many times, parents overlook what their children are doing and their children's activities.

Think about it.

Did you ask your children how their day went today?

Are you involved in your child's school and organizations?

Do you communicate with your children and do they feel able to talk to you about their problems?

If you do all these things, do your children know you care? Did you tell them that you love them today?

As part of Parenting Awareness Month, the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department, is promoting local parenting events throughout the month.

"Parenting Awareness Month is a Michigan initiative to promote awareness, education, and resources - through state outreach and local efforts - emphasizing the importance of effective parenting in nurturing children to become healthy, caring, and contributing citizens," said Kelly Rumpf, Health Educator for the Health Department.

"Parenting Awareness Month is unique to Michigan and has been celebrated since 1993," Rumpf said.

Parenting Awareness Michigan provides guidance, materials, resources, and technical assistance throughout the year.

In celebration of Parenting Awareness Month, the initiative promotes locally planned parenting events in March, and education and resources for developing parenting skills year around.

The Health Department's local parenting fair is scheduled for Thursday, March 22 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the West Iron District Library, in Iron River.

This year's local theme will be "Get Active, Get Involved," Rumpf said.

Parenting Awareness Michigan celebrates people who are parenting children, and seeks to:

- Draw public attention to the critical importance of effective parenting across the lifespan.

- Raise awareness that effective parenting is a key factor in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention.

- Promote education and resources for developing parenting skills.

- Raise awareness that everyone benefits from parent education and support.

- Encourage and assist in the development of parent networks.

- Celebrate the month of March as Parenting Awareness Month, and promote locally planned events in March and throughout the year focused on parenting.

Good parenting, the Health Department says, includes the following:

- Showing children love, concern, and respect at all times.

- Giving children a safe place to live and play.

- Helping children express all their feelings appropriately and listening to what they say.

- Giving children appropriate choices whenever possible.

- Having reasonable rules that are understood by all.

- Being responsible and teaching children to be responsible.

- Spending time with children.

- Setting an example by what we say and do.

- Working with our schools and communities to make them better for children.

- Asking for help when we need it.



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