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Detective Harry Hole returns

March 13, 2012
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

Jo Nesbo has another great chapter in his Harry Hole series, "Nemesis."

(Harper, 479 pages)

Detective Hole is still mourning his murdered partner, Ellen Gjelten, when he is asked to investigate a daring bank robbery. The robber snatched two million kroner from an Oslo bank and shot the young cashier for not delivering the money quickly enough.

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As in the past, Harry must turn to his friend, the erudite psychologist, Aune, for insights into the baffling crimes he is investigating. Their relationship is one of the more upbeat elements in this Nordic noir crime novel.

To solve the bank robbery, Hole is teamed with a new partner, Beate Lonn, who has an amazing gift - that portion of her brain which governs facial recognition (the fusiform gyrus) is permanently wired on the high setting.

Beate can remember a face she has seen but once and many years ago.

Beate's gift places her in jeopardy as she has unwittingly recognized Tom Waaler and could implicate this corrupt policeman in the savage murder of Ellen Gjelten.

The women in Harry's life are frequently threatened and this is brutally revealed when a former lover of Harry's, Anna Bethsen, is found shot to death. The department is ready to rule it a suicide, but Harry has other suspicions which are confirmed by a series of taunting e-mails he receives from Anna's killer.

As suggested by the title, this is an act of vengeance which pits the addled Inspector Harry Hole against a very deadly bank robber.

The author, who is an economist and accomplished musician, displays an impressive knowledge of police and bank security procedures, as well as an appreciation of psychology and classical mythology which make this Harry Hole novel well worth reading.

The publisher has included a preview of the next Harry Hole case and his ongoing pursuit of his adversary, the totally vile and murderous policeman, Tom Waaler, "The Devil's Star."



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