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Bold sci-fi from Ian Douglas

April 10, 2012
The Daily News


Books Writer

Science fiction fans will enjoy "Singularity," the third installment in Ian Douglas'

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Star Carrier adventure. (Harper Voyager/HarperCollins Publishers, 389 pages)

The Earth is threatened by the Sh'daar, an elusive ultra-advanced civilization. A renegade admiral, Alexander Koenig, who distrusts the fractious politicians that make up the Terran Confederation, decides to take the battle to the enemy and launches a daring attack far beyond the boundaries where Earthlings have traveled.

For this sci-fi adventure, Douglas has warped up the physics, delving into the complexities of relativity and space/time travel and the ominous evolutionary endpoint - the technological singularity, the ultimate fusion of technology and organic life.

The medical technology is ramped up to the nth degree as in the haemobots, nanoparticles that can sweep deadly radiation and damaged cells from the body.

But like all science fiction, there is an element of sharp social commentary as in the alien race of arachnid-like Agletsch, a female dominant species, the male Agletsch is merely a tiny parasite carried by the female.

On Earth, there are the Prims or Primitives, a minority libertarian group who cherish monogamy, live as social outcasts and reject the neural implants of artificial intelligence that facilitates the comfortable, high-tech society favored by the mainstream.

"Singularity" is a bold sci-fi story that takes its reader on an adventure that will transcend the limits of life as we know it.



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