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Just don’t insult us

May 3, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This week's mail brought our copy of the Dickinson Conservation District News, which contained an article informing us that the north half of Dickinson County has been designated a "Food Desert."

The article further states our people don't have access to fresh produce available at the markets in town.

Well, we do have quite good roads in the north half of Dickinson County, and most of us do get to town when necessary and do take advantage of what those markets have to offer.

Perhaps the federal government committees and bureaus responsible would get out of the way of the people trying to develop our energy resources and make these trips a little less expensive.

Further, I would hazard a guess that a higher percentage of the families living in our area have gardens than those in the south half. Our family, as do most of our neighbors, have gardens from which we eat fresh produce and can and freeze the rest.

And, ah yes, some of the world's finest potatoes are grown in the north half of the county. For those on the southern border who may not recognize a potato, they are not skinny, soggy, salty brown strips imported from France, but, rather, a brown tuber about the size of one's fist, white when peeled, they cook up nicely, and they're good for you.

I'm sure the local folks responsible for this designation were only following the dictates from on high and meant well, but please, tell those dictators they may tax us, they may regulate us, just don't insult us.

P.S. We also have a good supply of fresh fish.

Wayne Nelson




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