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A Time for Patriots

More excitement from Dale Brown

May 5, 2012
The Daily News


Books Writer

The military fiction reader has another exciting chapter from Dale Brown and his heroic retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Patrick McLanahan in "A Time for Patriots."

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(Harper Collins, 426 pages)

Under the leadership of the intrepid Patrick McLanahan, the United States was able to repel and defeat a Russian offensive.

But the American economy was left shattered and the federal government was forced to impose drastic spending cuts which have caused much hardship and anti-government resentment among its citizens.

McLanahan was forced out of the armed services following a politically motivated court-martial. With his son Brad, he joined the Nevada Civil Air Patrol.

While carrying out various search and rescue operations, father and son encounter a group of domestic fanatics who have stolen radioactive material and are targeting what they view as an oppressive government.

With the growth of anti-government militia movements and leaders who exploit libertarian ideals for their own self-centered ends, Dale Brown's "A Time for Patriots" is eerily reminiscent of our increasingly "uncivil" society.

As to be expected, this imaginative writer envisions an array of technological gadgets as in the Cybernetic Infantry Device which is a far more sophisticated Robocop.

The work is a tribute to not only the Civil Air Patrol who perform amazing and heroic rescues, but to all volunteers who give, as he writes in his dedication, " the ultimate gift to society: the gift of selfless service."



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