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Inaccurate evaluation

May 9, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:A recent letter stated that Gov. Scott Walker should be allowed to serve out his term because, in part, it would cost $9 million to remove him in a special election.

Remember that the Republicans started the recall process. We are also having an unnecessary primary because the Republicans are running "fake" candidates.

That says a lot about their concern for the taxpayers of Wisconsin. While a recall is costly, there was no mention of the millions of dollars Gov. Walker has squandered in tax breaks that haven't created any jobs. The governor also increased spending as another example of big Republican government and the budget isn't balanced, contrary to his claim. Keeping the governor in office seems penny wise and dollar foolish.

The pro-Walker letter went on to describe those who disagree with Governor Walker as horrible people unworthy of any consideration. While unnecessarily nasty, the description is consistent with the way the Walker administration treats the average person.

After all, we are not the billionaire Koch brothers, the corporations, or the wealthy that the governor considers his base. The writer expressed concern about the union influence.

Don't you think that a $500,000 contribution from the Koch brothers to his cause and numerous other $250,000 donations will result in some kind of payback?

The writer would like people to believe that with the Walker administration, it's just business as usual and that people who object are "whinny, crabby, selfish, and arrogant."

It's an unfortunate and inaccurate evaluation of just what Governor Walker has done. If you don't know what he has done then you don't care about the 23,900 jobs lost since March 2011 or the 4,300 jobs lost last month.

How are people going to be qualified for technical jobs when Gov Walker has cut the technical college budget by one-third? The effort to recall the governor is both massive and unprecedented.

Those union workers mentioned are about 175,000. Almost 1,000,000 people signed the recall petition. The recall is a response to his extremist positions that have pandered to the wealthy, removed workers' rights, treated women as second class citizens, put the environment at risk, removed tax credits for the poor, reduced health care for the poor, given Wisconsin the poorest job recovery rate in the nation, took money from public schools and universities to spend more on private/charter schools, all but ended transparency in state government, placed hurdles for the poor and elderly to vote, and made truthfulness in government a joke.

I can't sit by and let this continue. How can you?

Richard Laddusire

Rhinelander, Wis.



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