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The issue of jobs

May 10, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This morning I saw a political ad that was trying to say that even though the president is "cool," that did not make him a good leader.

My first thought was of Mitch McConnell, who is not cool, but cold as in "cold fish."

I do wish the Republican Party as a whole would ignore the president for a bit.

They should also ignore women who want to use birth control. They should ignore women who want health care.

They should ignore poor or minority people who want the right to vote. They should ignore these and a lot of other things like closing down the Postal Service and privatizing our mail delivery.

Then, maybe they could take a few days and actually work on the issue of jobs.

My wife just graduated from college and not just college but a graduate degree.

She has a Master in Business degree with an emphasis in both finance and accounting.

She has applied for several hundred jobs since December and has come up with nothing. She cannot even return to the fast food industry where she had many years of successful management experience.

I am not talking about a management position, as she cannot even get a counter person's job.

Perhaps the job issue is a tiny bit more important to America then whether or not our women's health availability mirrors the position of the some church leaders.

That is my thought.

But as we watched the news, they said the Koch Brothers are going to spend many multiples of millions of dollars on attack ads against the president and the Democratic Party.

My wife said, "Why don't they (the Koch Brothers) instead, spend that amount building a factory and start a business?"

Indeed, why not? Now imagine this.

The Koch Brothers own Georgia Pacific, a paper making company.

They own Georgia Pacific because it makes a profit, and along with their other business holdings make them billionaires.

What if they had put the millions they are using on attack ads into something like the paper mill in Niagara, or in so many other paper mills shutting down all around the nation?

Have you heard about Ontonagon, Michigan?

Another mill shut down and leveled. The Koch Brothers are in the paper business to make money.

It seems running more mills would make more money. Unless, of course, spending money on attack ads actually produces more money in one's pocket than running an American business.

Could it be that their support of one party is caused by a belief that if that party wins, there will be even more profit for them, from means other than running an American business.

Maybe they believe that the tax structure will be slanted further in their direction, causing more cash to remain in their pockets, more than if they had actually operated an additional American business.

Take a moment and actually think about this. We did and we can only believe that business men as smart and successful as the Koch Brothers put their dollars where the return is greatest.

And that seems to be in support of the Republican Party and not in running businesses in America. Amazing.

Donald A. Lison

Florence, Wis.



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