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Good for our state

May 14, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:We residents of Wisconsin are being subjected to a recall of our governor and other elected officials that is nothing more than a "spendacrat" scam.

If it is successful, it will result in a huge tax increase on income, property, and corporate taxes. We will be following the Illinois model, now on the verge of total bankruptcy or insolvency, caused by overspending, and by the refusal of the state to put responsible austerity policies in place.

The so-called teachers' union, supposedly representing all teachers, is mouthpiece for the Democrat Party and exclusively promotes its candidates and proposals, most of which are disastrous for our state.

In some school districts, teachers are encouraged to watch pro-Democrat videos and participate in rallies to promote the Democrat agenda before elections are held.

This agenda includes non-educational programs such as abortion and gay marriage. This union in fact, is in the process of attempting to disenfranchise every teacher who believed in Walker's policies and helped to elect him to office by promoting this recall.

These teachers are no doubt being subjected to ridicule and are pressured to keep silent.

My wife and I met state "spendacrat" Senator Jim Holperin, in Florence, where we asked him about the huge budget deficit in place during the Doyle administration. He told us that the state must by law, balance the budget each year. He didn't mention that bonding or borrowing could be used to side-step the budget balancing process.

Scott Walker brought responsible governing back to Wisconsin.

This will put Wisconsin on a track that is opposite the one being followed in Illinois. Governor Walker has already wiped out the huge Doyle administration's deficit of just under $4 billion of state debt.

Why on earth would we want to recall a governor who is good for our state?

Paul Jensen

Florence, Wis.



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