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Defeat it at the polls

May 14, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Obama or God?

So, after Vice President Biden (foot in mouth VP) says he is "comfortable" with gays and homosexuals marrying, our President Obama (slick Wily) says he is in favor of it also, finally.

He has been tip-toeing around the subject for years now. Now, I do not care what the president or VP agrees to on this matter, it is God who will have the last say on it.

God, in the Bible, condemns homosexuals, and says they will never inherit the Kingdom of God. But, as always Satan loves to get people trapped in this sinful lifestyle.

One is not born into homosexuality, it is Satan who lures people into this practice. So, if God condemns homosexuality, are we as Christians going to "believe" what God says about it?

If you are a Christian you cannot vote for the Democrats, ever. To do so is to go against God and his word.

Republicans are conservative and lean to the right. Democrats are liberal and lean to the left.

Republicans are against homosexuality, marriage of homosexuals, and agree with God on this matter.

On the other hand, Democrats go along with Satan on this and say it is OK.

As long as the Democratic Party is on this path I will never vote for a Democrat for any office. I could not in good faith do that, it would be against God and the Bible.

Wake up people. If you are a Christian you can never, never vote for the Democratic Party, ever.

If you do you are okaying what God says is sin, and you are subject to condemnation from God on judgment day for this.

I am tired of the homosexual community shoving their sinful life onto the citizens of America. It is Satan who is behind this movement and we must defeat it at the polls in November.

I am also ashamed that there are "so-called" Christian churches that favor homosexual marriages and rights. And, there are churches that have homosexual pastors.

Wake up people, we are becoming the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible in the country, and we will be punished for this if we do not as a nation repent from this sinful Satan-led abomination of homosexuality.

We as Christians must speak up against this vile act and we can do it at the polls in November. Please vote the Dems out of office, all offices.

Allan Peterson




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