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Racing, anyone?

May 16, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:In the special features of the DVD of "The Prince and Me" (2004) is a segment on the making of the lawnmower race in the movie. This is a family sport, brought from England to Canada and the U.S. with associations to govern it. Surrounded by rural areas and with fairgrounds and other suitable venues within easy driving, one can imagine this becoming a hub for the sport.

It uses riding mowers (altered) that can achieve speeds up to at least 40 MPH. Additional races stay at a more moderate speed, proving it's a sport for young and old alike.

It's not dad's mower, but even grandparents can compete. Called the poor man's NASCAR. This is dirt track, straw bale stuff, It's a sport everybody wants to do and once they see it. They get it. It looks like a lot of fun.

Large businesses could even sponsor races as parking lot events. Souping up these mowers could add off-season revenue for any lawn and garden business, too, so does this area have a club?

I've never seen it advertised. If this sparks your interest, forming a club to get this rolling is the first step. Publicize it well.

I think people will come. Does a day of races held with a cook out, beer tent and music sound good to you? How about you as driver and friends or family as pit crew?

"You get a 14-horse, twin-cylinder, flathead design Briggs & Stratton engine and you make it sound like a potato launcher on a Harley Davison - you get that out of a lawn tractor. That's just awesome." Ian McClintock, Canada.

It's a relatively new sport. Wanna get this going here?

Linda Lach

Niagara, Wis.



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