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An army of deer

May 18, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:A disturbing story that appeared on the front page of Saturday's Iron Mountain Daily News of two young sisters who were bitten by the deer ticks and have been struggling to try to get their lives back is a situation that should be of great concern to every resident of the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area.

In fact, it should be a concern through out the state.

Almost every city in the U.P. are being besieged by an army of deer.

Most are here because of the easy pickings of food. Why hunt for the smaller amounts of food in the woods when all they have to do is roam the yards of the city?

There is also the fact that a lot of good-minded residents love to see Dancer and Prancer jump around their homes, without a thought about the damage and danger these animals create.

They just keep feeding them cracked corn, cabbage, apples, lettuce, and anything you can think of they will eat.

If you think by feeding these animals your helping them survive, your in for a shock.

They have lived hundreds of years without you. It's sad because even your children and grandchildren can not play in the yard safely because of deer ticks which causes lyme disease.

These animals have no place in the cities. No food, no deer.

I live six blocks from the Iron Mountain Courthouse and last week I counted 17 deer in my yard.

Two weeks ago, I contacted Mrs. Badini of the Marquette DNR to see who should be responsible. All she said was, "Marquette would love to have all those deer."

What a great answer.

What is it going to take to get this problem solved?

Bernie Querio

Iron Mountain



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