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Ignorance and hatred

May 23, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR: Anger, disappointment, shame. These were just some of the emotions I felt after reading a recent Letter to the Editor. The letter was "Defeat it at the polls."

As a proud American I was angered to read such ignorance and hatred openly expressed in a local paper - and to also make it a partisan issue that also seems to want to escape the secular government we were promised by our forefathers.

As a human being I was disappointed to witness the devout Christian renounce his fellow man based solely on sexual orientation, and as a proud Hermansville native I was ashamed to have such poor representation (although not elected) from my former village.

Although I am not a homosexual and frankly am not acquainted with many, my natural instinct is to simply detest such passionate disregard for civil rights.

I write this response with no delusions of my own righteousness; having been the messenger of many inappropriate jokes and politically incorrect name-calling in my 30 years.

Nevertheless when it comes down to my true beliefs, I believe in equality. Anything less is a blow to the foundation of true Americanism.

Equality is to cover all citizens, no matter race, color, religious belief, mental capacity, or sexual orientation. A real American would understand that freedom rings for all - not just middle aged heterosexual caucasians living in small towns. It is a right that countless heroes have fought and died to pursue, earn and preserve.

To claim that homosexuality is a choice is simply ludicrous. I find it amazing that as an advanced and sophisticated society we can still debate such a concept.

I don't recall consciously choosing heterosexuality at some stage during puberty; it's just how I was born. Unlike bigotry, homosexuality is not a choice.

Anyone looking for more confirmation on this I suggest you speak to the parents of a young homosexual who has committed suicide or been beaten to death due to their so-called "choice."

I really hope that most who read the bigotry in the May 14 Daily News "Letter to the Editor" fully understand they are not ideals shared by all Christians, Republicans, Democrats and most importantly, Hermansville residents.

Gerald Kell

Bark River



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