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Sharp as the tongue

May 24, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Have you lived in their home; seen what goes on there or for that fact even know these people?

Read on and apply its contents wherever you may. And for God's Sake, keep your mouth closed.

Gossip: Hear It Hiss

A sword has no edge as sharp as the tongue.

It's words will climb over you rung by rung.

The arrows it spews forth, can cut beyond any reason; falling over itself to commit the worst treason.

We've been taught to forgive and forget; to face gossip without a safety net.

We're all guilty of discussing foe and friend.

But, need to take care when concern turns into gossip in the end.

When you feel the urge to spread the word: Think twice about repeating what you have heard.

Gossip is like a moth put to a flame.

It becomes so twisted and burned that it forgets its own name.

No one seems to remember how the talk got its start.

However, each of us can end it and not take part.

Gossip spreads faster than a grass fire; and, if left to cool, will soon expire.

Gossip is the ugliest word known on this earth.

It has no meaning or any worth.

Always be careful of what you say.

Your words will come back to haunt you someday.

Give it a try. Stop the talk before it begins.






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