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A wise decision

June 1, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:In 1986, in Ramsay, in the western U.P., a 20 month old boy was viciously attacked and killed by a pitt bull dog. This killing sparked the open public discussion before the Kingsford City Council concerning the dangers of allowing this breed of dog in Kingsford.

Then later, in 1987, after a complete analysis and proposed comprehensive update of the city's dog ordinances, the City Council voted wisely to ban pitt bulls from within the city.

Since then, courts (including Supreme Courts) across the country have upheld the right of municipalities to ban pitt bulls.

Now the council has received a petition (although we do not know how many signers are actually Kingsford residents) asking to repeal this ordinance and allow pitt bulls.

For years, pitt bulls are known to have been bred to fight and to kill.

When they attack and kill innocent humans, it is almost always because their owners are not able to control them.

Pitt bulls kill more humans (children and adults) than any other dog breed. For this reason, they are the preferred breed of dog for gang members and drug dealers, for intimidation and as a threat to law enforcement officials and others.

For over 30 years, the majority of Kingsford city council members have consistently considered the safety of the public their number one priority.

As a result, one of the greatest benefits of living in Kingsford is the safety and security we enjoy as residents.

We have excellent schools within our midst, located where several neighborhoods are within walking distance for our kids.

Kingsford has an above average number of public neighborhood parks, which are an attraction for both children and adults. These are only a few reasons why Kingsford has become a great place to live and raise a family; and why the public's protection should be maintained.

Why would we want to subject ourselves to greater dangers within our neighborhoods?

If the Kingsford City Council is going to seriously consider allowing pitt bulls within the city, shouldn't they also consider allowing the legal discharge of firearms so that we at least have a way to defend ourselves and family members, like they do in the outlying townships?

I hope our residents will communicate their concerns to the Kingsford City Council members and that the council again makes a wise decision in this matter.

Darryl K. Wickman




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