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Choose a better path

June 4, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I went to sleep at about midnight on May 28.

I woke up May 29 to find that all my solar lights in my front yard had been stolen.

It is a sad day for our community when a person can't spend time and hard-earned money making their front yard look nice.

Would it be better if I hadn't spent many hours digging my flowerbeds?

Would it be better if I hadn't spent good money on pretty cement edging for my flowerbeds and pretty color changing solar lights to dress up my yard?

I really enjoyed looking out my window at night and watching my lights change color.

What is the matter with people these days? There is no respect for hard working, responsible people anymore.

Do these people think it's funny to steal someone's hard work and effort?

When I was young, I was taught to respect other's property. Don't pick flowers out of someone's flowerbeds that he or she worked very hard to plant.

Don't ever take anything that doesn't belong to you. Don't destroy someone else's property.

What happened to teaching your kids these values?

There are too many children not taught the difference between right and wrong.

To the person or persons that stole my solar light from my front yard, you should be ashamed of yourself. Think about what you have done.

Is this really, how you want to live your life? A common thief.

If this is the path you are going to choose for your life, you are going to end up living a very hard life. This path only escalates.

First, it's my solar lights, down the line it will be something worth more and then you will end up in jail.

Personally, I hope you choose a better path.

Amy Ziehm

Iron Mountain



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