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New and safer road

June 5, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:In the Saturday's issue, of the Iron Mountain Newspaper, front page, dated 26 May 2012, announced from the Dickinson County Road Commission (DCRC) that heavy trucks, and pulp trucks are banned from Antoine Road.

I am sure that I am speaking for many people that live on Quinnesec Lake Antoine Road, how happy we the residents will be, with the new restrictions in place after 30 May 2012.

It will be so nice not to hear the use of Compression brakes, better know to many as "jake braking" so loud, or what some said, quoting that was "just loud mufflers," we couldn't even hear our televisions, sit outside enjoying the nice weather, or just visiting with friends.

I have lived along side of this road for almost nine years.

Most of the truckers did not observe the posted signs on each end of the township road, stating "Use of compression brakes are prohibited," which mostly were the pulp truckers that were in violation.

I have requested over and over to please consider us, the residents that these truckers that were in violation of the posted law, to please be put on notice, and warned of the posted law.

Therefore, I have to state, I personally have no sympathy for those truckers that will have to add extra miles for another route.

My husband and I attended many meetings, made several telephone calls, even to the owner/operator of the trucks in violation.

I pleaded for help to control those truckers and at least stop the "jake braking" by turning off that part of the mechanism and just slow down.

Not only is this a residential area, but also a County Park area with many campers that had to listen to the same noise, or watch them exceed the posted speed limit of 45 mph.

In other residential areas, the posted speed limit is set at 25 mph. And now, there is a county bike trail along side of the road, there are many bikers, including families with children.

This road has totally become a "shamble," due to the high volume of the heavy pulp trucks and other heavy trucks using this road as an alternate route over the years, the same road that we, the residents have also have to use daily.

This road has become a "road of conveniences" and a "temporary" alternate route because of political problems, with the failure of passing the vote initially requested for a new route/bypass that was, and is still needed.

Temporary, became many years.

But along with the use of the heavy trucks, this road has also became a speedway to many employees located just off of this road, on the Iron Mountain side of the lake, along with recreation vehicles, i.e., motorcycles.

Realizing with the new road, this will continue to be a problem of speed and for safety.

All we ask that we have a safe road to travel on, and that our children, grandchildren and others will be safe.

One can never know when a child can dart out into this busy road, or a biker veering off of the designated paved trail. We hope while building the new road, a new speed study would be considered, and also require a double yellow line, posted "No Passing" especially near the park area, and the residential area.

This area becomes extremely busy during camping, bike riding, and people walking season.

My husband and myself, are taxpayers of this county, and township,

We feel some of the taxes should be put to good use, by setting aside some appropriations for the future of patrolling this road more often for such mentioned, not only on the city side of the lake, but also on the township side. We are looking forward to a much quieter road, and hopefully by next year a new and safer road to travel on.

Dorothy Bradley

Iron Mountain



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