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A dream of reality?

June 11, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:After attending a gathering of 145 people at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Saturday, April 14, where there was a potluck dinner, a couple of speakers, and a dance performed by a DJ, playing requested songs (the weather was a gorgeous spring day with temp reaching 70 degrees) I took a spin on my 10-speed Schwinn Sierra dirt bike to the Midtown Mall for a couple of items at Super One Foods.

Returning to my apartment complex on West F Street, I parked my bike in the back hall from a secure back door to the building.

It was then on Friday, April 20, I went to use my Schwinn Sierra dirt bike to go for a spin only to discover the Schwinn Sierra dirt bike was missing.

Yes, someone had stolen the bike from the inside of a secured building. Living in a seven apartment complex with a few new attendants moved in the past month can be an unfortunate situation where the traffic of visitors in and out using both the front and back secure doors.

Putting out the word to all occupants of the apartment complex that I wanted my Schwinn Sierra dirt bike back proved futile as of Monday, April 23, when I filed a report the 10-speed Schwinn Sierra dirt bike stolen to the local police.

On May 10, received word through the grapevine (from friend to friend to friend) and was given a name of a possible suspect to the theft of the Schwinn Sierra dirt bike who had been a visitor of a friend visiting a friend at the apartment complex. With the name in hand, entered the pawn shop on the north side of town and was told that a Schwinn Sierra dirt bike by the possible suspect was brought in and sold on Wednesday, April 18, and in turn the pawnbroker sold the Schwinn Sierra dirt bike on Friday, April 20.

The latest information was reported to the local police to add to the initial report.

Hearing no word by Wednesday, May 23, learned that the possible suspect had not been interrogated concerning the stolen Schwinn Sierra dirt bike and was told that the chance of ever getting my Schwinn Sierra dirt bike back was slim to none.

The pawnbroker is a business working with cash in hand and no record is kept on people making purchases in the business.

Am I missing something (besides the 10-speed Schwinn Sierra dirt bike valued at $350) or that anyone can steal personal property and pawn it off for cash and not be charged because the business is a cash in hand business?

Or, is it possible that this is just some kind of a dream of reality?

Clifford Wollum

Iron Mountain



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