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Chilling abuse of power

June 12, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:The 2012 election is about Obama's presidential record. Do the president and his people strike you as competent?

If so his contract can be renewed for four more years. Did you like the past four years? What about the other guy? Is he credible? A possible president? He can be hired in November?

Last month, Cory Brooker, the Neward mayor, a Democrat, on NBC's "Meet the Press" dared to disagree with the Obama Campaign's attacks on Bain Capital and the private equity business.

He has since been taken to the woodshed by the Obama liberal machine for telling the truth about Bain's record and defending capitalism.

Vintage Obama, trying to distract attention from the failed results of his economic policies. The Obama thrill is gone. Americans don't want his big government ideology assaulting our freedom.

Mr. Obama's hit list has turned ugly. His cronies hired Glenn Simpson who in 2009 founded a DC company that performs private investigative work. Its website is Fusion GPS and describes itself as having expertise in "politics."

They investigated the eight private donors to Mitt Romney's campaign and tried to discredit them, among them Mr. and Mrs. VanderSloot of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Partisan blogger Glenn Greenwald and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow joined in egging on the attacks.

Bloggers have gone as far as harassing Mr. and Mrs. VanderSloot's children and asking for interviews and information, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The goal being to dispatch hired guns like Mr. Simpson to prey on Obama's opponents to trash their reputations, while trolling into their private life. The VanderSloot family did not bow to political distemper of the Obama Administration. Chilling abuse of power.

Mr. Obama is Vladimir Putin with a better haircut.

This month, the Supreme Court will render their decision on Obama Care. The Heritage Foundation said that no matter what they decide Congress will still need to take action.

They stated "The entire law must be repealed and replaced with market-based, patient-centered health care policies."

Only politics matter with Obama.

In his high-handed rhetoric, it's all for the good of the country - translated- for the good of the administration.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain



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