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Voting is a right

June 14, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I can't speak for all of us Bible-thumping, gun-toting freedom lovers out there but I believe that the follow rant is necessary.

Get ready for some harsh words people.

To the honorable citizens out there that exercise their right to vote: I salute every one of you. You people are making an effort to pull your own weight.

This rant does not apply to you.

To those who are too lazy to vote because video games are more important, I have some harsh words for you. Brace yourself.

Yes, voting is a right. It's not mandatory. You don't have to pull your weight here if you don't want to.

Just remember, by remaining silent and sitting on your hands, you give your stamp of approval to anything that happens, lawful or illegal, moral or wicked.

To those who don't care about what goes on in the political arena: You are the problem.

Our brave men and women, who voluntarily sign up to be warriors, sacrifice so much to preserve our freedoms that so often are taken for granted. By refusing to vote, you're no different than those who spit on our soldiers when they came back from Vietnam back in the 1970s. Shame on you.

The time has come for you to wake up.

Look around you and become aware of your surroundings. Get involved.

Read the Constitution. It's only 19 pages long.

Hold your politicians accountable. There's nothing complicated about it either. It's so simple that even a drunk guy can understand it.

I know this might cause great astonishment, but it won't kill you to put the video games down for a little while and invest some time educating yourself. Who knows?

You might even live longer.

If this makes anyone angry, then I'm doing this correctly.

Anthony Joseph Schabel

Niagara, Wis.



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