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Confuse and fool them

June 15, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Whether you are elated at the outcome of the Walker recall or whether you are saddened, the fact remains that, unless you are that rare multi-millionaire or billionaire, we are all losers.

If this election had been only about Scott Walker or only about union busting, then it could be said that some Wisconsin people and/or Scott Walker have won.

However, this farce was also the smokescreen for the much bigger agenda, to test the Republican Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling to see if it would be able to buy an election.

Scott Walker was the puppet tool, and the unions were the bait to tease and taunt the union haters.

Actually, the Republicans' mission to eliminate our democracy and rule our country, is the only thing that won, if losing our power of the free vote and our democracy is still important to anyone.

Thirty-to-50 million dollars can buy a lot of misleading ads, deceptions, and lies, aimed at people who are too busy scratching to make a living that they don't have time and can't afford computers and internet to keep researching for the facts and the truth.

Snake oil salesmen have been duping people for centuries, and usually people eventually figure them out, but this scheme is a little more complicated and devious than snake oil.

Now that each corporation has been deemed to be a person, equal to you and me, in their Citizens United ruling; the corporate wealthy can out-donate enough to their mission and win every single election.

Why bother with the pretense of voting? The plan, to win over all the minds and votes of the too busy, too lazy, too gullible, too trusting, etc., to confuse and fool them enough that they don't even realize they are voting against their own lives and their own democracy, cannot truly be called free, and it has worked.

Intentional deception is not called free.

So, editors, publishers, journalists, business owners, most everyone, etc., who does not make the gobs of money, (at least the $250,000 each, not per couple, to ever benefit from any gratuity allowed them by the multi-millionaires' and billionaires' Republican legislation), will all be affected by this egregious Republican use of the insane ruling by our Supreme Court.

It is ending our democracy, as we have known it all of our lives for both Republicans and Democrats. When was the last time a baby was born to a corporation?

Or, when was the last time you had a corporation over for coffee?

Corporations are not people, no matter how much these supposedly educated people want to play the semantics game. Our revered and diligent forefathers never intended that word games would be played with their hard work by such a formerly honorable office of chosen non-partisan, learned people, and used to destroy our democracy.

This Citizens United ruling is a shame and an abomination to our country's good name, and every speck of its liberty and justice.

Please study this ruling and help to strike this evil work down. Nobody wins in the end from this ruling, except the 1 percent.

And, do even they win?

"For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?" (Matthew 16:26).

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.



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