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For small business

June 20, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Contrary to what many have read and heard about Rep Dan Benishek's convictions concerning Medicare and retirement for seniors; here is my take on what I feel he stands for and is fighting for in the House of Representatives.

The Congressional Budget Office states that Medicare will be bankrupt in less than ten years. This will occur even faster with the affordable care act removing $500 billion dollars from the Medicare Trust Fund.

We need a program that lets the retirees' have a say so in how their earned benefits, definitely not entitlements, we worked and earned these benefits, letting us Seniors decide what benefits they need and not spend money on benefits we do not need.

Dr. Dan does support this concept of leaving Medicare in its current form for current retirees and protecting the program for future retirees by giving us more control and decision making.

Most of us are not senile you know.

Gary McDowell is using his "Pledge to Save Medicare'' as a ploy to get seniors to vote for him. Don't be fooled by this; if we vote him in instead of Dr. Dan, he will do nothing to ensure that we will have our benefits later.

I am in my 70's, still work part-time and have Medicare, Social Security, Federal and State taxes taken out of my paycheck every payday, so I definitely feel seniors should have a say-so in our money is used and spent.

One quick other thought - Rep Dan Benishek is trying to get Washington's spending spree under control, this just adds more to the National Debt and is concerned about mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's futures in order to pay for this spend, spend, spend.

He is promising to personally vote, work and fight for limited government, more jobs and keep the government from passing more stimulus plans.

I am proud to tell you he did win a seat in our district that had been held for over two decades by the Democrats.

So, when you go into the voting booth this fall, remember he does stand for small business, not Wall Street, banks and the rich, as his opposition is touting at this time.

He does many roundtable discussions with ordinary people like us, small business, farmers, etc. and has been doing this since elected to get the "take" from the average citizen, which he represents.

Carol Biehl

Iron Mountain



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