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Biggest turnout of votes

June 21, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This coming 2012 November elections, let's all cast our vote. Doing so is not only practicing our right but more importantly our solemn duty as well.

The right to vote in not in the United States of America's constitution for nothing. It is there to remind us it is a serious obligation

No less than our late president, John F. Kennedy, once called our attention in a speech where he said, "The people always get a government they deserve."

If some of us will be complacent in performing our sacred duty to vote on election day, very likely the government officials we would have could be lacking in necessary qualities essential in running our federal, state or local affairs.

This matter awakens our consciousness to not only vote wisely this coming elections but also to vote for the most qualified candidates.

It is not wise to vote for a candidate simply because he/she is our friend, relative, or neighbor. The candidate that deserves our vote should be one who possesses competence for the position he desires. At the same time he must also be a person of unquestionable character and known for his integrity.

Government affairs particularly in the local level attain success when the leaders we choose are competent in their job. Coupled with the attribute of integrity, the elected leaders do optimum performance because they have in mind the welfare of their constituents first and foremost.

Come election day, let's aspire to manifest the biggest turnout of votes ever in every precinct. Remember the saying, "In matters concerning the people's interest, if the majority opt to do nothing, the adamant few get the better chance to succeed."

Rolando A. Ansay




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