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Secrets to the bomb

June 25, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:On July 4, 1776, there was signed in the city of Philadelphia one of America's historic documents, the Declaration of Independence.

It marked the birth of a nation which, under God, was destined for world leadership. No other nation can claim that. With this document United States under God has given America the greatness that we enjoy today.

There are pitfalls and loss of many lives on the battlefields but in the end we have won many battles.

The greatest war ever fought was a lesson to all who were involved that it not only destroyed families but also forgot God and his love for us.

.Our struggle affected many people around the world. This great war waged on many fronts such as the South Pacific, the Philippines, North Africa, Italy, France, India, Burma, China and many other parts of the known world.

As World War II became more violent and intense, the leaders of the United Nations began to fall into place.

General Dwight Eisenhower took over the leadership of the Allies against the Nazi regime and Douglas McArthur took the leadership against the Japanese empire, from here on another story unfolds.

In a school room in Warsaw, Poland, which was occupied by Russia, a shy frightened child stood before a government inspector. She was asked several questions about who was the czar of Russia and who governs us.

The girl hesitated, but did answer the questions. Her voice was low as she named him.

She said quietly, "His Majesty, Alexander the Second, Czar of all the Russians."

The inspector was satisfied and moved on.

This child was born in Warsaw, Poland. Her names was Marya Sklodovski.

At home she was called Manya. She grew up helping her dad in his laboratory washing bottles and test tubes. She learned to love this work.

Her dad was a chemist and he also tried to be both mother and father to his three daughters and one son as the father's wife had passed away when Manya was very young.

Dr. Sklodovski was a man of different talents such as skilled in arts and languages as well as science.

However, before his children were grown, he had difficulties with the Russian rulers. He lost his position and had to take a humbler teaching job.

When Manya was 18 she went to work as a governess in a private home.

She later went to Paris, France where her one sister lived and married.

Manya enrolled in the University of Paris.

She was no longer called Manya or Marya but changed her name to Marie which was a french name.

She was delighted to work in a laboratory.

She yearned to go back to Poland and work side by side with her father.

In the meantime, she met a blond young professor. He was French and he was also devoted to science.

His names was Pierre Curie. After a time of being together they were married.

Pierre was not so sure of his marriage to Marie but they finally took it to heart.

When Marie was in Poland she was digging in the ground and when she put her hand to take some of the sand out she felt a warmness and began to experiment with it.

And now with her husband, they found what was to be uranium.

A French scientist Baccuerel had already found that the salts of uranium had some light giving properties. Both Marie and Pierre were interested in how and why these queer rays.

Marie and Pierre eventually went to the United States in 1929 and with their experience and the scientists from the United States developed the atom bomb to win World War II.

It was fortunate that the United States unlocked the secrets to the bomb before our enemies were able to.

Gordon Shewmaker




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