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The time bomb is ticking

July 3, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:What in God's name did the Supreme Court just do?

I'm stunned. Justice John Roberts should be ashamed of himself. This horrendous health care law will cause more problems than one can imagine.

Just wait until our older citizens are told they cannot have surgery which will assist or prolong their lives.

They're old and ready to take a dirt nap; we can't spend money on them. It's needed for the young who will be doing the bull work to pay for this program who think it's going to be "pie in the sky."

Companies that were awaiting the Supreme Court's decision before deciding whether to hire more employees have now had that choice made for them; it's not going to happen.

Good-bye jobs, good-bye improved economy, good-bye doctors and medical professionals; hello Obamacare and new taxes. Oh, that's right, Obamacare isn't a tax; at least that's what our president kept trying to tell us. Wrong. The Supreme Court says as long as it's a tax, it's legal.

I'm mad as hell over what has taken place and I hope the majority of Americans feel the same way.

While Mitt Romney wasn't my first choice for president, I'll do anything within my power to see that he is elected.

Repealing this nightmare is our only hope.

I've had the course and I'm sick to my stomach. If you value your health care as it previously stood, you have no choice but to vote Obama out of office.

It's no longer a matter of Republican against Democrat, liberal against conservative.

It's now a case of America against socialism, communism and fascism. Please get over the political bias and think about your children and grandchildren who are going to have to bear the brunt of this fiasco.

It's not too late but the time bomb is ticking.

If we allow Obamacare to become law without a chance to repeal it, we will never, ever return to the country we have dearly loved.

Our country was built on sound government with men and women willing to fight to protect us from the evils in the world. We have all had family and friends die at the hands of those trying to bring America down.

How ironic is it that our own president may be just the person to do it. God help us.

Diane L. Schabo

Iron Mountain



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