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Sad and shameful

July 5, 2012
The Daily News


I am shocked at the public greed and selfishness demonstrated by most Republicans regarding the health care law decision, but especially by U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, who made the majority of his life's income from the hard-earned money of his patients.

Now, he can turn around and kick them in the teeth, by calling the favorable opinion for a plan that benefits them, "devastating."

Yes, devastating for all the investors used to benefitting from all the various rip-off scams, reaping profits for their portfolios, but not for the patients, who have been thrown out of insurance companies because of pre-existing conditions, or denied payment for other cockamamie reasons.

We are already expecting a refund from insurance companies, which did not pay out the required percentage of their "haul" to legitimate claims. This money would have been going into the profits for the investors' portfolios.

These kinds of fraud will not be happening so easily anymore. Bush's "haves" and "have-mores" never seem to have enough.

I did not expect Dr. Benishek to fall into the category of just selfishly "minding" the orders of John Boehner and the other Republican obstructionists for their selfish reasons.

Congress-people need to be thinking Americans, not partisan puppets.

Doctors, after all, take an oath to "Do No Harm" to patients, including emotional and financial harm, as the health care industry has been doing for years to so many families with chronic or major health problems.

Obviously, Dr. Benishek's medical oath ended when he retired from practice.

How very sad and shameful.

Mary L. Grabski, RN, BSN

Florence, Wis.



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