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They can be proud

July 11, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:The YMCA staff, The Kiwanis Ski Club, Steve Mariucci, Bruce Varda, Champion Concrete, the Step Donors and all who helped with the planning and execution of the Pine Mountain 500 project have done a wonderful job. Their direct involvement and belief in this project made it possible for it to be completed in record time. They can be proud of what they have accomplished. The Kiwanis Ski Club and the YMCA have benefitted, as well as the whole of Dickinson County.

Pine Mountain can now be called a year-round attraction. The Veterans Memorial, Continental Cup and Kiwanis Invitational ski tournaments bring people to our area. With the completion of the steps, dozens of people, residents and visitors alike, take the "Pine Mountain 500 Challenge" on a daily basis.

They are rewarded with inspirational messages, increased fitness, panoramic views, and the opportunity to see the names of those who helped to build this amazing structure through generous donations.

As a candidate for County Commissioner and a resident of Dickinson County, I strongly support efforts like this that provide enhanced recreational activities and opportunities. I also support cultural projects, because it is well documented that visitors interested in cultural and historic venues spend more money and stay longer than those seeking only recreational activities.

These projects bring economic vitality to our area, and they make our county more attractive to residents, businesses, and the tourism industry.

Barbara Kramer

Iron Mountain

Candidate for


County Commissione



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