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Mad at this guy

July 12, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:The election for president is coming up in November, and we must vote Obama out of office.

One look at his record tells us he must go. He has done more harm to this country than any president in history. He said, I will lower the unemployment rate, I will reduce the deficit, and make America a better place.

Then he said if he does not do this, he does not deserve to be re-elected.

He did not do these things, and he has crippled our country, and another four years of this make believe President, and we will no longer have a country.

His socialistic plans for this country are destroying it.

Socialism does not work, anywhere. Look at Russia, North Korea, China. I just can't believe how the liberal media protects him and will not say a bad thing about him at all.

It is like they have a gun to their head in not exposing him for what he is. He is culturally out of touch with the average American.

The Dems say Romney is rich and out of touch

Excuse me, open your eyes Democrats.

Who does he hang around with, academicians, lawyers, socialist leaning czars, super rich Hollywood elites, he is the one out of touch with America.

And many Democrats think he is for the working class. Are you crazy or what?

He has raised the in his first four years as much as his hated Bush did in eight years with two wars.

He is all over the world apologizing to everyone for Americas wrongs to the world. He has promised the Russian President he will be more "flexible" in his second term.

That scares me and it should scare everyone. What does he have up his socialistic sleeve next?

He refuses to drill for the oil we have in this country. All he is is "green energy" and failed bailouts of green energy projects.

Solyndra is one example, battery powered cars is another. We have enough of our own energy right here in America and Alaska, and a pipeline from Canada, but he refuses to let them drill.

I saw a show on TV about Quatar in the middle east. It was a country of sand and camels 75 years ago. Now they are supper rich, no on in the country has to work.

The only people who work are the diplomats; they must be citizens. This country is rich beyond our dreams, why? Oil.

We are sending our national treasures to them in exchange for oil. That is nuts. I have been very mild in this letter but I tell you I am mad at this guy and what he is doing to our country.

We can not afford another four years with him, vote him out in November, or else.

You will not want to be in this country in four more years if he is re-elected.

Wake up there is still time to save our country. Get him out of office.

Allan Peterson




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