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Spending habits under control

July 16, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I can't speak for all of us Bible-thumping, gun-toting, freedom lovers out there, but I have a few ideas for getting Uncle Sammy's spending habits under control.

1) Abolish the Federal Reserve: These people are not our friends. Printing more gangrenebacks without backing it up with something real (gold standard) is why the dollar doesn't buy as much anymore. Fiat money systems are like playing Russian Roulette. Yes, I know that you could buy a brand-new car way back when for $2,000. How much did the average family earn though? Think about it people.

2) Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency: They are only good for one thing. Do you know what it is? Exporting jobs is their specialty. You can't build here, here, or here because a family of squirrels won't like it. Isn't it also funny how all the land where we have lots of oil shale mysteriously becomes wild mustang habitat? What's wrong with carbon dioxide? I remember being taught that humans inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. The trees and all other vegetation takes CO2 in and puts out oxygen. I'm going to fire up my gas-guzzling V-8 today and do my part to save the world.

3) Abolish the Internal Revenue Service: Every American should pay taxes. Replace the income tax with a goods tax on everything. This would have to be a flat tax with no variations in product categories. This would ensure that everyone contributes, whether you're here legally or not.

4) Pull out of the United Nations: I'm probably going to sound crazy because I don't agree with fighting everyone else's wars. What do we need embassies all over the earth for? What good are peace talks? This is nothing but wasted money. Peace talks are like trying to mix oil and water. They don't work.

5) Abolish the BATFE: These guys are great, at infringing upon your Second Amendment rights and mine. The Second Amendment says everything that needs saying on this one. I know people are going to tell me that the 48 hour wait on handgun purchases are a good thing. He might want to buy the handgun because he's angry and the 48 hour wait gives him time to cool down. I have to wait 48 hours to take my handgun home with me, but I can buy an assault-rifle with a whole pile of high capacity magazines and walk out in less than a half hour. With a few common tools, that rifle can become very easy to conceal. I'm just spelling it out people. I know, I know, but why make it easier for bad people to get guns? It isn't Uncle Sammy's job. It's that simple, but I will also ask, why make it harder for someone that's being stalked, who might not be alive 48 hours later, to obtain a gun for protection?

6) Refine the immigration laws: I don't have any problems with people immigrating to the USA. I don't agree with "illegal" immigration. I'm not a racist. I am an equal opportunity hater. I think the same should apply to any country who's citizens are sneaking in illegally. I'm just going to Mexico for my example. To make this very simple, if anyone comes across the border illegally, gun them down. Do not discriminate because a criminal, is a criminal, is a criminal. Any citizen that harbors illegals should be tried for war-crimes. If found guilty they face an execution. Don't bury the corpses right away. Just keep them on ice for a while. I'm sure there's a lot of HVAC contractors in Arizona that would be happy to donate their services. When you get enough corpses to make a trip worth the fuel, load up a C130 and perform an air-drop from 15,000 feet right over Mexico City. Don't forget to put some propaganda leaflets in the mix.

7) Revise pay and benefits for politicians: If a politician has money, then he works for free. If not, he should get minimum wage and a meager living quarters. That pension and all the benefits they can get, even if they've only served one term, needs to be done away with. All the security guards that surround these people should be fired. If that politician has a clean conscience, he really doesn't have anything to worry about anyway.

If I'm missing anything here, I want to hear about it.

Anthony Schabel

Niagara, Wis.



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