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Give this law a try

July 17, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Just because you say something through a bullhorn and repeat it ad nauseam, this does not make it true.

If Obama is a socialist, then he is a rotten one in light of the face that corporations across this nation continue to make record profits year in and year out.

You cannot say that the Affordable Care Act will crush America in one sentence and then say you will do anything to get Romney into office, as he was the architect of this law back in Massachusetts.

You cannot praise Justice Roberts for his stance on many crucial decisions recently (Citizens United, Arizona Immigration Law) and then say he should be ashamed of himself for how he ruled on Obamacare. His job was simply to determine if this penalty was a tax and in turn, whether it was constitutional or not and he determined that it was.

How arrogant of some people to say Roberts should be ashamed of himself. Who are you to say this? Do you know more about the Constitution than Justice Roberts? I doubt it.

Many medical professionals understand that this law is a good thing because it emphasizes preventative medicine and keeping patients healthy which in turn keeps them out of the emergency room.

I am sure that people with pre-existing conditions (or parents of children with pre-existing conditions) do not believe this is a "horrendous health care law."

Finally, like almost everyone else, I have not read the thousands of pages of this law, and I do have concerns about whether small businesses will be able to cover their employees, but I am willing to give this law a try for the many benefits it brings to citizens of our country.

Jay Calo

Wausau, Wis.



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