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Life is precious

July 19, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:To all that grieve,

All the dreams, goals, life, gone.

How did I get here? This isn't what I planed.

It's like planning a trip to Disney World. All the rides, characters, Epcot center, everything, the world.

But getting out of the car in the parking lot and seeing you are in Disney Land. This isn't where I wanted to be, this isn't what I planned. It was supposed to be Disney World, not Disney Land.

All the plans, dreams, work I did to get to Disney World, for nothing. I'm stuck in Disney Land. This is not the same thing.

Why? This isn't fair.

After all he went through to be happy. To have it taken away.

After all he went through to be happy. So much work. But he did it. He was happy, he made a good life for himself. He set goals and reached them and set more goals for himself, always reaching.

So here I am. At Disney Land. Not Disney World as planned. So what do I do? Do I sit here in the parking lot having a hissy fit?

Or do I do as he did? Work around the challenges, make the most of it. OK so Disney Land isn't as good as Disney World, but, it still has some good points.

No Epcot Center but I still can find some fun. If I let myself.

And that is it right there, if I let myself, if I work at it.

This is not where I planed on being. This is not what our life was supposed to be. But we said that when he was young, something is not right. We adapted, we changed, we overcame challenges.

We taught him, fight to be happy and independent. And he was.

He reached his goals, he was happy. Something we at times didn't think would happen, but it did.

No, this isn't where we planed to be.

Life is precious, you mustn't waste it. Sometimes the water of life tastes bad, But you mustn't waste it.

Linda LaPlante




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