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Just human beings

July 20, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Recently, I saw the video of some gal ripping the cleat of Donald Driver away from some young fan that Driver had tossed to fans at some charity event.

I am not certain what one would do with this item. I do know she would live a much more fulfilling life by not worshipping someone who she literally has no chance of ever being a part of his life.

I understand the fervor of Packer fans and in many ways respect the devotion that many show them; especially when one considers the size of Green Bay compared to other major metro areas with teams. However, please keep in mind that the players themselves and their families are just human beings like anyone else.

When I lived and worked in Green Bay I had the pleasure of knowing Trina Wahl and Michelle Rivera, both who had husbands who played on the offensive line for the Packers.

They worked out at the Howard YMCA where I also was a member. Did I know them well enough to stop by their homes and say hello? No.

However, I did know them well enough to walk up to them in the mall or on the street if I saw them. (Without arrogance, and vice versa by the way as that did actually happen). Believe me, they and their husbands are no different than anyone else. They have good points and they have bad points; they have good days and bad ones; etc.

Our entire society would be much better off if we would stop putting people on a pedestal and worshipping them as if they are some God-like figure and treat them for just what they are. People like all of us.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain



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