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Building on tradition

July 24, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I strongly encourage support for our schools in the form of a "yes" vote on the bond proposal on Aug. 7.

Iron Mountain has always shown lot of pride and love of competition. I am not just talking about sports. I am mostly talking about life. Turning an underdog image into personal and professional success and achievement. We are not afraid to work hard and fight for opportunities without handouts.

I not only have faith the Iron Mountain "yes" voters will act to accept the responsibility to fund the needed improvements, but I would not be surprised to see an overwhelmingly positive victory that exclaims "Our school is our most valuable public asset."

Iron Mountain needs a superior school system to compete with other communities to maximize our quality of life and increase the property value we have heavily invested in. We expect the school administration, faculty and board to assure our schools and students are highly competitive. I feel we have a very dedicated and generous administration, faculty and board that have always given above the call of duty to achieved remarkable success with relatively modest and now rapidly diminishing revenue as costs escalate.

Now our trusted school leadership is making a very thoughtful and reasonable recommendation for us to fund critically needed improvements to our facilities after more than 20 years since the last bond proposal request. These are our school facilities that need our collective capital investment for our school to remain highly competitive.

A yes vote is the right choice. Fund schools not jails. Create strong future leaders for the cost of a couple cigarettes a day. This is not about whether you agree with every little detail of the plan, but this is all about your leadership to support countless and priceless benefits the funding will create.

More education will reduce need for more costly law enforcement and corrections work. Educate our youth to achieve self-sufficiency/independence and reduce insidious long-term dependency on taxpayers. This is not about the negativity or disappointment of the "economy" and your current everyday stresses or past challenges, but it is all about proactively taking control to create our brighter future and stronger community.

This is not some extravagant replacement of old with new, but is "Building on Tradition" and caring for the solid facilities that our past community leaders had the vision to create.

We all can and should be yes voters for Iron Mountain schools on Aug. 7. Send a strong signal to potential investors throughout the region that Iron Mountain is open for business and supports our schools without reservation.

Mark Blomquist,

Iron Mountain



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