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Another tragedy

July 30, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I am appalled but not surprised by another senseless massacre in Colorado. As I think about this several thoughts come to mind.

First, I understand police have the alleged perpetrator in custody however, I suspect it will be years before he comes to trial.

Remember Major Hasan who killed 13 at Ft. Hood? That act occurred in November of 2009 in front of many witnesses but still no trial. Also recall Jared Loughner who killed six and seriously wounded Congressman Gabriel Giffords in Phoenix. This occurred in January of 2011 in front of numerous witnesses and still no trial.

I don't understand the delay. Our constitution calls for a speedy trial and perhaps if these alleged murderers were tried soon after the crime, that would act a s a deterrent.

Second, these horrific Colorado murders will no doubt result in an effort by the liberal establishment to institute more gun control or even ban guns all together. When you hear that, remember that it is this same liberal establishment that opposes any limits on the most violent forms of entertainment, video games, the internet, movies, etc. They are the ones who led the fight to have any teaching of morals removed from the public schools and the removal of the Ten Commandments from all public buildings. Incidentally one of the basic tenants of all Christian moral teaching as well as The Ten Commandments is, "Thou shall not kill."

Finally, recall that it is this same liberal establishment that had led the fight to legalize the murder of the most innocent in our society, the unborn.

Our founding fathers who created this republic stated that it could not last in an immoral society. Perhaps it is time to heed their warning.

Dr. John P. Dougoveto

Breitung Township



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