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Read the board minutes

July 31, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This is to my supporters for the Mine Inspectors Position.

I submitted the following letter dated 5-18-12 to the Dickinson County Clerk to remove my name from the Aug. 7 primary for reasons stated in the letter, as follows:

Please remove my name from the primary ballot on Aug. 7 for the position of mine inspector. The reason for this on Monday the 14th, the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners had a meeting. They changed the pay from $10, 838 to $4,062 annually with a maximum of 150 hours worked for the year.

First and foremost the commissioners that voted no have blatantly disregarded the safety of our tax paying residents and any tourists that may roam near these mine sites.

Secondly, to properly do this job you will need to visit each site every 60 days which totals 156 site visits per year. Note this is a state requirement. At 150 hours, this cannot be accomplished.

Third, do these commissioners not care about the counties liability? Yes, they have insurance to cover any accidents that may happen. But should someone get hurt or killed because of the counties neglect of any of these sites, I do not want to be a part of that. Also how much would the counties insurance policy rate increase should this happen? The county tax payers deserve better service than this, as does the mine inspector.

Should the board change their position on this, I would reconsider, but at this time I have to remove myself from this.

Best Regards.

Please note, our current inspectors report states that it takes 250 to 300 hours per year to properly do the job and he assumes the County's liability insurance will cover him in the event of a lawsuit. (from minutes 4-30-12 County Board of Commissioners)

I reference board minutes from 5-14-12. Commissioners Stevens and Degenaer voted no to these changes due to the county's liability and responsibility. Commissioners Wender, Smith and Martin voted yes to these changes, with Smith stating we have liability insurance for this and that it only takes 150 to 250 hours per year to do a good job. Commissioner Martin stated that this brings us in line with adjoining counties.

Facts are that Iron County pays their inspector $6,000 per year, and Delta and Menominee counties have no mines.

Voters take some time and read the board minutes, not just about this subject, but any that concerns you the tax payer.

See who's voting using accurate facts putting you the taxpayer first. (go to: Dickinson County Mi.Gov clicking on County Information, then click on Meeting Minutes). You may be surprised what you read and hopefully this will influence who you vote for come the Aug. 7 Primary. I know this has changed who I am voting for.

Mike Bronzyk




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