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Let’s be realistic

August 1, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:We better look at the realistic rather than the idealistic side of our environment.

If we don't start being realistic we will be a third class country in ten years.

Take coal as a local example.

The EPA is closing coal electric generating plants in Marquette because of their pollution. This means a loss of 120 Jobs and a 10 percent increase in our electrical bills.

Another bad part of this is these plants are purchased by nations that disregard pollution and leave all the pollution control in our back yard and thus increase global warming and pollution.

Since the south and eastern Asia countries have virtually no pollution control, I think this has an impact on polar bears and also our current weather. The global warming pollution goes up past Alaska and also East through U.S.A. and Canada.

It changes weather patterns, i.e. similar to volcanoes.

What can we do about the strict EPA decisions? First put them up to a vote in the area affected, if 60 percent of the area voters disagree, then cancel the order. Also we should put a 10 percent tax on all goods coming into this country that do not have pollution control.

I think pollution control is a good thing. I was involved with it in a chemical plant surrounded by coal powered generating plants and other chemical plants in Joliet, Ill., in out early stages. We had no problems in reducing our pollution. Let's be realistic not idealistic.

Leo Fende




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