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Keep your wallet handy

August 2, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR: This is a letter to Dan Benishek, Fred Flinstone and Natasha Fatale.

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, I will have to come to the door of Rep. Dan Benishek for the money to pay the following. The law isn't perfect, but it is a start.

Republicans want to replace it with what? Keep your wallet handy.

1. My grandson, who is 19, was downstate when he needed emergency surgery to the tune of $12,000. Thank God he was covered under his parents' insurance. (He can be covered until he is 26.) If the law is repealed, I will have to come to you for the money to pay for any future medical expenses until he finds a job paying benefits.

2. My grandson at the age of 3 1/2 was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent four years of chemo and radiation treatments at Milwaukee Children's Hospital. He is now nine years old and cancer free. His mother and father had separate health insurances and his treatments and setbacks just about maxed out both of the insurances ($1 million lifetime benefits on each policy). Due to the side effects of chemo and radiation, he has a definite gait problem and has very brittle bones. He has since broken both feet (one twice) and broke his femur, his arm and ankle. Thank God his parents do not have to worry about maxing out the ceiling on both policies. Thanks to the above-mentioned health care act, he can obtain insurance in the future and not worry about the pre-existing condition. The lifetime ceiling for health care is also lifted. If this law is repealed, any future health care needs will be very expensive.

3. My 87-year-old mother needs her medicine and when she reaches the donut hole, please pay for her medication until the donut hold is paid. Under the Affordable Care Act, there is no longer a donut hole. Don't have some people make the choice among food, heat, lights or medicine. Keep your wallet handy if this law is repealed. All seniors need their medications.

4. The wellness benefit. Mr. Benishek knows about preventive medicine and yearly physicals detecting most problems. What is wrong with this wellness benefit for all Medicare recipients? Isn't it better to find a problem when it is small rather than to wait until it is life-threatening? Not everyone has excellent health insurance paid by the taxpayers. If seniors had to pay for a wellness visit, perhaps they would not see their primary physician because of the cost. Remember, their income is less than $1,200 per month before the Medicare deduction. Keep your wallet handy.

Mr. Benishek, please don't hand me than bunk about how much Obamacare is projected to cost over the next 10 years. The yearly salaries of the House of Representatives cost us taxpayers $93.09 million in salary ($174,000 x 435). That does not include your health insurance, or your expense account, your postage allowance, etc.

(Nor does it include all the retired House, Senate, Presidents, Supreme Court justices and their benefits).

How about introducing a House bill: eliminate the generous pensions and retiree health care benefits for members of Congress. That would be doing something for the middle class.

Really, 34 times to vote on repealing Affordable Care. Keep your wallet handy. If you need any suggestions how to pay for some of this benefit, ask your buddies, Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin or Rep. Cory Gardner or any of the Tea Party to forgo their very expensive lease cars (paid by us taxpayers) and shut up about how they want less government spending.

You ran on three things your first term. Repeal Obamacare, create jobs and make Obama a one-term president. You were only running for one term yourself. Where is the repeal of this very popular law? Where are the jobs in the U.P.? All show and no go? Always voting along party lines just to make the president look bad?

The Republican Party was a strong supporter of campaign funds disclosure (prior to and including Clinton/Bush years). On July 16, 2012, the Democrats introduced a bill to disclose the name of any person/corporation/union/or group, etc. donating $10,000 or more to any political parties, guess what? Can you say Superpacs. The 17 gazillionaires wanting to buy this election and our country? Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson. What is their agenda? The bill went down in defeat via another filibuster. A lot of voters are getting tired of the Republican Party wanting something until the Democrats want the same thing.

Then the old filibuster kicks in. Who stopped the jobs act, the transportation act and interest rates on student loans? What about the farm aid bill waiting since March to be debated on the Hill? This was bipartisan bill stopping direct payments to farmers/ranchers/and wan-a-be ranchers for not planting crops. Do Dick Cheney and David Letterman really need our taxpayers money? Can't you support this one bill, either? Naughty, naughty. Fact check. I did.

So Ms. Fatale and Mr. Flinstone, make sure you have a fat wallet handy. Why aren't you up in arms about the $93.09 million paid to a Do Nothing Congress. Who filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act for women? Republicans. Is it OK that women are earning $0.77 for every $1 a man makes doing the same job? It's not OK with me and millions of other working women.

You do not like the jobs bill - putting people back to work? What about the transportation bill, have you seen our roads and bridges in this area? How about the post office funding pensions 75 years in advance, closing rural post offices? Guess I forgot that Mr. Benishek was going to look into the post office issue.

When some countries in Europe were in a recession, they invested in their infrastructure and come out of the recession with a better economy because government helped the businesses by providing better roads and bridges to bring their goods and services to the consumers. This a fact. Check it out.

Mitt Romney saved the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics? He saved it by Congress giving him $660 million taxpayer dollars for new roads to the venues, housing for athletes, the infrastructure of Utah.

What state is benefiting from all that money now? Utah. I don't see Utah paying back any of the money to help our economy. Go figure, I could do a lot of saving with that amount of money, too. Granted, he did donate $1 million of his own money. I wonder if that deduction was listed on his tax return as a tax deductible charity. Aren't you mad about this? Fact check.

Too bad that you three are constantly against what is good for you. Go ahead give/vote your rights away, but don't tread on mine. Sometimes I think you three are trying to imitate the Mississippi River.

Nancy J. Farley




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