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There were no wolves

August 6, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:We must get the deer back into their natural habitat. I would like to see at least one deer cross the railroad, one mile west of Channing in the winter.

Ten years ago they had paths across the tracks. It was one of the best winter deer yards in the U.P. A few hundred acres of thick cedar swamp.

When the wolves run out of deer, we are next. You don't have to give me the story that wolves will not attack you.

My dad knew two people that were killed by wolves, and was once surrounded by wolves and by sheer luck escaped.

We must do two things to get the deer back into their natural habitat from our back yards, Sawyer Lake, Channing, Iron Mountain and Kingsford.

First, put a bounty on wolves. Which I am sure money can be raised, so it would not cost the state.

Second, stop slaughtering the deer that come into our yards in the towns and cities so they can go back to their natural habitat.

If we don't do something soon the state is going to lose much money on deer licenses, plus reduced revenue for local businesses.

As at test area I suggest starting north on the Menominee at Breitung Township to Michigamme River then Sagola and Breitung Township.

By the way the DNR said wolves were nearly extinct in March 1943. They said no more than three in the U.P. and none below Koski's corners.

In January 1943 I saw wolf tracks going below Koski's corners. Then in May of 1943, while fishing with a friend on the North Branch, near Turner, we had a huge timber wolf snarl at him and then run across the creek a few feet in front of me, 40 miles below Koski's Corners, where there were no wolves.

Leo Fende




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