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Start in Genesis

August 6, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:I find it very disconcerting that the same leaders who have pushed through legislation in Washington that underminds the basic moral truths of the holy Bible do not see the adverse affects that it has on this nation and their home states.

California already has three cities that are filing bankruptcy and I foresee more of the same.

We see for ourselves disaster after disaster and we do not recognize the lack of protection by God's hand because we do not bow to his absolute authority.

We stopped teaching the word of God in our schools and watered down or compromised the word of God in our churches.

When I was in the military there was always a chain of command. When I went through basic we drilled until we understood completely what was expected of us and what vital part we played in each mission.

When one fell the next in line would fill the gap or made adjustments according to our manpower.

Before you led, you followed and drilled. We fail to drill (train) our children to first obey God and recognize that there can be only one absolute authority on the planet earth and that is God's sword of truth the holy Bible.

Start in Genesis today. Drill until we understand the basics before we decide to lead.

Let the holy Bible interpret itself. Contact answers in genesis. They have excellent answers for many of our questions. As always I extend a hand of friendship and witness for my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Steven A. Cuggino




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