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Let’s use the facts

August 6, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:This is in response to "Controlling the rules of the game."

Although well written with seemingly intelligent views, the recent article on Obama being a fascist as opposed to being a socialist is laughable in its essence.

Breaking down the basic approach, one can clearly see it's an attempt to take a view (labelling the president a socialist) and deem it less radical to appeal to the minds.

Unfortunately, applying one characteristic of fascism and using a sliver of health care reform does not define a president's policies. If that were so, we could label Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, Reagan, etc. as marxists, communists, dictators, fascists, and anarchists.

Without getting into substantial length, using baseball as a comparison to explain (because we mere mortals need it put in layman terms from the self proclaimed "budding apprentice") a single mandate of the Affordable Healthcare Act is misleading and irresponsibly inaccurate.

The letter also fails to touch on the mandate's requirement for health insurance companies to spend more money on actual health care costs as opposed to say, billion dollar baseball field sponsorships.

What could that do to premiums? It also fails to show that the GOP candidate invented those "baseball rules" in his own "Massachusetts League" (and was successful).

Fascism in all its history has been a mixture of radical right and left wing views. A blend of socialism that rejects communism and social economics, and promotes military vigilance to rid nations of groups deemed "less desirable" and creating a superior race of people.

It also criminalizes union participation and workers' groups activities. Hardly left wing approaches. Comically, the "clear thinking" Dr. Sowell, whose work is the basis of the article, was an admitted Marxist. I'm not labelling, those are his words.

I have no personal problem with constituents disagreeing with political policy I agree with, and in fact, I commend it so long as it's done with a little research and a more reasonable approach. Attempting to compare Obama to Hitler and Mussolini is really getting old and is an unnecessarily desperate act of desperate conservatives.

Obama does enough things wrong to provide legitimate ammunition to the conservative movements. Don't use false atom bombs in an attempt to win your war overnight.

Regardless of your political allegiance, perpetuation radical labels to either candidate is ridiculous and counterproductive. Let's use the facts and your personal views to decide an election, not baloney propaganda, which, oh by the way, was a commonly used fascist tactic.

Gerald Kell

Bark River



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