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I hope this is true

August 9, 2012
The Daily News


I have been hearing that our government has been covertly supporting the rebels in Syria.

I hope this is true. Let me explain. In 2005, I was a contractor/truck driver for KBR/Halliburton running convoys in Northern Iraq, doing my bit to support our troops, the best that I could.

I went outside the wire on a regular basis. I was privy to intelligence briefings and my own investigations. Our intelligence stated that the Syrian Intelligence was behind most of the attacks on troops and convoys in Northern Iraq.

Our pre-mission briefings started referring to the insurgents as AIF (anti-Iraqi Fighters).

Appalling attacks upon Third Country Nationals, that were employed by our government, in support of the war effort, makes me hope that the president will bring about the downfall of the Syrian government.

I asked the soldiers who the insurgents were and they told me the Syrians were. The Syrian government killed a lot of our soldiers and a lot of American contractors, Iraqis, and Curds, who were allies and friends. I will definitely be voting for President Obama.

Brian K. Smeester




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