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Job is to create problems

August 13, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:Taxpayers who support all governments with their taxes, they, the (governments) take from you. Be it federal, state, and local including school districts and townships and counties, they all live off your hard earned dollars "taxes" they take.

Where did this system of government public unions get started?

Before I answer keep in mind that everything that public unions do is done with taxpayers money, "called taxes."

Executive order 10988 was signed by President John F. Kennedy on Jan. 19, 1962, it was also to protect federal employees who did not wish to make as a condition of their employment the paying of dues to a union.

Keep in mind Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd President of the U.S.A.) was dead against this move toward public unions. In his book, Ralph Detoledano, titled it "Let the Cities Burn" because that is what a high ranking public union officer said when "New York fireman" when on a strike.

Today the menace to our democracy in America comes from the clique of ruthless men who dominate the public-employees union and who have converted civil servants (employees) into uncivil masters by its very nature, this public sector union is an instrument of class war.

Their job is to create problems. Not solve them. They want your taxes raised which they get done, though liberal type politicians who came to every demand they put on the table.

Not only have public unions too often become the dominate partner in the relationship with elected officials, but they set the agenda we know and recognize, the packages of benefits favored by public are too generous, but our so-called elected officials who are supposed to over see these contracts do nothing but raise your takes one way or another. It's the tail wagging the dog.

You the taxpayer has no control in this system. Liberal Democrats wake up, this is true socialism.

Joe Massie




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